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London, June 1, 2024 – As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we are excited to announce the release of Empsing v1.6 and the debut of Empsing@Edge. This significant milestone enhances the accessibility and capabilities of our innovative AI platform, known for its AI-based digital employees tailored for specialized roles. Empsing has already revolutionized tasks in fields such as finance, HR, and marketing, among more than 50 other roles, offering businesses a way to automate complex processes with remarkable precision and intelligence. Until today, Empsing was available only to a select few. Now, we are opening our doors to the world.

Public Access: Unleashing AI Potential for All

Starting today, Empsing v1.6 is available to the public. This means that any organization, from solo entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations, can now sign up, set up their accounts, and experience the powerful capabilities of the world’s most sophisticated enterprise AI and digital employee platform. We are removing the barriers – no more private gates, pre-qualifications, or controlled environments. Empsing is now accessible to everyone, empowering you to transform the future of your organization.

v1.6: An Array of New Capabilities

Empsing v1.6 introduces a host of powerful new features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency across your organization. These new capabilities are structured to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Advanced Automated Workflows

Our AI employees can now manage and automate complex workflows with greater ease. These workflows allow for seamless integration of multiple tasks and processes, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s automating routine tasks or managing intricate processes, Empsing’s advanced workflows are designed to boost productivity and reduce operational overhead.

Live Visualizations

V1.6 brings enhanced live visualization capabilities, providing real-time insights and data visualizations that help you make informed decisions quickly. These visual tools are designed to present data in a clear and actionable format, making it easier for you to understand trends, patterns, and anomalies in your operations.

New Multimodal Interactions

Empsing v1.6 supports multimodal interactions, including voice calls and meetings, allowing you to interact with your AI employees in a more natural and intuitive way. This feature ensures that you can communicate effectively with your digital employees, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Enhanced Autonomous Projects

Our AI employees can now take on more complex autonomous projects, managing tasks from start to finish with minimal human intervention. With the new action model, Empsing’s AI Employees can execute end-to-end projects in the domains of Strategy, Research, Data Analysis and Software Development. This capability allows your human employees to focus on more strategic initiatives while the AI handles routine and repetitive tasks, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and on time.

Refreshed Commands and Actions

V1.6 introduces a suite of refreshed commands and actions across more than 10,000 applications. This extensive compatibility ensures that Empsing can seamlessly integrate with the tools and systems you already use, providing a truly unified and comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Truly Unlimited Usage

With Empsing v1.6, there are no limits to what you can achieve. We have removed usage caps, allowing you to leverage the full power of our platform without any restrictions. This means you can scale your operations as needed, utilizing our AI employees to their maximum potential.

Introducing Empsing@Edge

The v1.6 release also introduces Empsing@Edge, a revolutionary suite of on-device applications available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Cloud platforms. Empsing@Edge allows your digital employees to utilize your devices for advanced actions, extending their capabilities beyond traditional confines.

Live Collaboration

With Empsing@Edge, you can collaborate live with your AI employees, facilitating a seamless and interactive working environment. This feature allows you to engage with your digital employees in real time, providing immediate feedback and adjustments.

Learning and Teaching

Empsing@Edge enables a dynamic learning environment where you can learn from your AI employees or teach them new tasks. This reciprocal learning process ensures that your AI employees continuously evolve and improve, adapting to your specific business needs.

Autonomous Operations

Let your AI employees perform autonomously while you focus on strategic tasks. Empsing@Edge ensures that your digital employees can operate independently, managing tasks efficiently without constant supervision, giving you peace of mind and more time to innovate.

An Upgraded Multi-Step Action Model

Central to the advancements in v1.6 is the Multi-Step Action Model (MSAM), a significant enhancement in fostering enterprise readiness for AI adoption. MSAM offers a versatile platform characterized by accuracy, adaptability, scalability, and ethical AI practices. This model has proven its effectiveness in addressing complex business challenges, demonstrating superior performance in intelligence, attentiveness, and overall functionality.

Empsing Cognition System

Taking it a step further, we proudly introduce the Empsing Cognition System. This second-generation cognitive system replaces the previous EBCS (v1) and Wisdom System (v0). The Empsing Cognition System is a holistic, multi-tiered cognition and synthetic consciousness system deeply embedded into the platform.

This system boasts cognitive capabilities at various levels – employee, user, organization, and platform. Each layer contains cognition nodes that foster better decision-making, more accurate actions, and stronger reasoning and memory. This advanced cognition system ensures that Empsing’s AI employees are not just reactive tools but proactive, intelligent partners in your business.

A Cumulative Realignment for Enhanced User Success

With the release of v1.6, Empsing decisively distances itself from traditional LLM API-wrapped chat applications, general-purpose models, and limited functionality platforms. Empsing’s AI employees are not merely command-and-respond agents designed for routine tasks; they are intelligent peers who enhance organizational productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. More importantly, they empower human employees to focus on what they do best, unlocking their true potential and driving innovative growth.

The release of Empsing v1.6 and Empsing@Edge marks a new era in enterprise AI, bringing unprecedented power and accessibility to organizations worldwide. We invite businesses of all sizes to explore the transformative capabilities of Empsing and redefine the future of work. Join us in harnessing the potential of AI to achieve greater efficiency, innovation, and success.

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