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Empsing’s Early Impact


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The Love of Our Early Adopters

This product is for EVERY Manager, EVERY Organization, EVERY Industry. If you don't see it, you are losing on to something. This is coming from someone who has had an internal look at the product.

Divyendu BhattCEO, WAISS (Former Director - JP Morgan)

Our productivity has noticably gone up since implementing the Empsing platform. We definitely had an inside look into the platform before it was open to the world but even the pre-release versions were fantastic. We saved 90% in costs and our productivity went by 5x to say the least. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Eva SmithDirector, Cosdec Alpha Austria

Having a Digital Employee as a content writer boosted our productivity by a great margin. We used to pay over $1200/mo (in India) for a writer who had his limitations and made ChatGPT write his work. Now, with Empsing, we didnt just save costs, we boosted the quality & speed too.

Girindra MohanCreative Director, Shrex Design

On the instruction of our CEO, I managed a Digital Employee for optimizing our Supply Chain operations and beyond the cost of employee, we also benefitted from lowered warehousing costs and better turnaround times. Simply groundbreaking!

Jack GrahamManager, Rare Routes

I never thought this was possible. I mean will we live long enough to actually see a Digital Employee? Well, the time has come and I thank Empsing for giving me an inside look of the platform early on. Really helped us grow and be future-ready!

Himani VaishnavCEO, Media Mousse
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