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Empsing provides a suite of AI-based digital employees, tailored to specialized roles like Financial Analyst, HR Executive, and Marketing Executive, among other 50+ Roles.

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Limitless Possibilities of Use Cases

When you hire AI employees by Empsing, there is infinite value you receive for the role you choose. More often than not, what you can imagine a use case in your daily tasks, you can automate with empsing. Amazing, right?

Available Pre-trained Roles

Financial Analysts, Expense Report Managers, Budget Planners, Investment Analysts, Tax Advisors

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening: Continuously monitor transactions and customer data against sanctions lists and AML databases, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Dynamic Risk Assessment: Conduct real-time risk assessments of financial portfolios, using predictive analytics to adjust risk management strategies dynamically.
Automated Financial Close: Streamline the financial close process by automating reconciliation and consolidation tasks, ensuring accuracy and reducing the time needed for month-end closures.
Investment Portfolio Optimization: Analyze market trends and performance data to recommend optimal investment strategies, balancing risk and return based on the organization's financial goals.
Fraud Detection and Prevention: Continuously monitor transactions for anomalies, flagging suspicious activities for immediate review, thus enhancing security and compliance.
Financial Forecasting: Leverage historical data to create accurate financial forecasts and visualizations, enabling better budgeting and strategic investment decisions.
Financial Analyst

Samantha Paul | Financial Analyst

Available Pre-trained Roles

Talent Acquisition Specialists, JR HR Executives, Corporate Trainers, Training Coordinators, Onboarding Advisors


Joshua Williams | Jr. HR Executive

Credentialing Verification: Automate the verification of professional credentials and licenses, checking against issuing institutions and relevant databases to ensure candidate qualifications are legitimate.
Automated Interviews: AI employees conduct in-depth entry/exit interviews, analyzing responses to uncover patterns and provide strategic recommendations to HR leaders.
Performance Review Assistance: Aggregate and analyze employee performance data, offering managers comprehensive reports and insights into each team member’s strengths and areas for improvement.
Diversity & Inclusion Analysis: Empsing’s AI employees can execute detailed analyses of hiring patterns and employee demographics to identify diversity gaps. They generate tailored reports and action plans, enhancing workplace inclusivity.
Onboarding Virtual Buddy: New hires are guided through the onboarding process by an AI buddy, who answers questions, schedules training, and integrates them into company culture seamlessly.
Employee Sentiment Analysis: Continuously analyze internal communications and survey data to gauge employee sentiment, predicting potential issues and providing insights for improving workplace morale.

Available Pre-trained Roles

IT Helpdesk Support, Network Analysts, Cybersecurity Advisors, Junior Developer, Shopify Developer, Core Android Developer

Real-Time Cybersecurity Monitoring: Continuously monitor network traffic and system logs to detect and respond to security threats in real-time, preventing breaches and minimizing risks.
Automated Disaster Recovery: Develop and execute disaster recovery plans, ensuring business continuity through automated backups and failover processes.
DevOps Pipeline Orchestration: Orchestrate complex CI/CD pipelines, automating the integration, testing, and deployment of software updates to accelerate development cycles.
AI-Powered QA Testing: Automate software testing processes to identify bugs and performance issues efficiently, reducing time-to-market.
Infrastructure Optimization: Continuously analyze server and network performance to recommend optimizations, improving system reliability and reducing costs.
Intelligent Documentation Generation: Automatically generate and update technical documentation based on code changes, ensuring accuracy and currency.
Maria Ngolo

Maria Conte | Cybersecurity Advisor

Available Pre-trained Roles

Content Curators, Marketing Executives, Social Media Strategists,, Brand Strategists, Market Researchers, Campaign Analysts


Lena D’Costa | Marketing Executive

Predictive Customer Insights: Analyze customer behavior and predict future purchasing trends, allowing for highly targeted marketing campaigns.
Cross-Channel Campaign Coordination: Synchronize marketing campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive strategy and consistent messaging.
Brand Compliance Monitoring: Continuously monitor all marketing content for brand compliance, ensuring consistency in messaging and adherence to brand guidelines across all platforms.
Content Personalization: Dynamically tailor marketing content for different segments based on real-time data, boosting engagement and conversion rates.
Ad Spend Optimization: Analyze past campaign data to optimize budget allocation for future campaigns, maximizing ROI.
Competitor Analysis: Track competitors’ activities, providing insights and recommendations for counter-strategies based on real-time data.

Available Pre-trained Roles

Sales Assistants, Lead Qualifiers, Customer Relationship Managers, Proposal Writers, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, Technical Support Advisors, Issue Resolution Specialists, Product Knowledge Experts, Chat Support Agents

Omnichannel Customer Support: Provide seamless customer support across multiple channels (phone, email, chat, social media), ensuring consistent and efficient issue resolution.
Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management: Use predictive analytics to forecast sales and manage the pipeline, optimizing resources and strategies for maximum conversion rates.
Churn Prediction: Predict customer churn through behavioral analysis, enabling proactive retention strategies and personalized outreach.
Dynamic Pricing Models: Adjust pricing in real-time based on demand, competition, and customer behavior, optimizing revenue and market competitiveness.
Autonomous Contract Negotiation: Negotiate standard contracts autonomously, handling common terms and conditions, and escalating only unique or complex cases to human agents.
Customer Sentiment Analysis: Analyze support interactions to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for service improvement.
Home - Empsing

Joseph Statham | Support Specialist

Available Pre-trained Roles

Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Online Meeting Assistants & Translator, Travel Planner, Regulatory Compliance Advisors, Legal Research Assistants, Contract Review Specialists, Data Privacy Consultants, Strategy Analysts, Leadership Coaches, Organizational Development Advisors, Change Management Specialists, Cultural Transformation Coaches, Healthcare Navigators, Wellness Coaches, Patient Support Advisors

Home - Empsing

Deven Badree | Legal Researcher

Automated Due Diligence: Conduct comprehensive due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, analyzing financials, contracts, and compliance documents to identify risks and opportunities.
Strategic Market Analysis: Analyze market data to identify emerging trends and competitive dynamics, providing strategic recommendations for business growth and innovation.
Contract Lifecycle Management: Manage the entire contract lifecycle from creation to renewal, ensuring compliance, tracking key milestones, and automating renewals.
Policy and Procedure Automation: Develop and enforce organizational policies and procedures, ensuring compliance and consistency across all departments.
Risk and Crisis Management: Continuously monitor for potential risks and manage crisis response efforts, coordinating communication and actions across the organization.
Administrative Workflow Automation: Streamline routine administrative tasks such as scheduling and data entry, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Available Pre-trained Roles

Strategic Consultants, Business Analysts, Market Trend Analysts, Digital Transformation Consultants, Sustainability Advisors

Data-Driven Strategy Development: Analyze vast amounts of data to develop comprehensive business strategies, identifying new opportunities and optimizing existing processes.
Client Portfolio Analysis: Continuously monitor and analyze client portfolios, providing actionable insights and recommendations for performance improvement and risk mitigation.
Operational Efficiency Audits: Conduct in-depth audits of client operations to identify inefficiencies and recommend solutions that enhance productivity and reduce costs.
Custom Solution Implementation: Design and implement customized solutions for clients, leveraging AI Employees to optimize processes and achieve business objectives.
Talent Optimization: Analyze employee performance data to identify skills gaps and training needs, enhancing team productivity.
Benchmarking: Compare client performance against industry standards using AI Employee-driven benchmarking, providing actionable insights for competitive advantage.
Home - Empsing

Cathy Haley | Business Analyst

Available Pre-trained Roles

Research Analysts, Data Analysts, R&D Coordinators, Innovation Advisors, Intellectual Property Researchers

Home - Empsing

Christopher Turing | Research Analyst

Hypothesis Generation: Generate and validate research hypotheses, accelerating the discovery of innovative solutions and breakthroughs.
Automated Clinical Trial Management: Manage clinical trials from recruitment to data analysis, ensuring compliance with protocols and regulations, and optimizing trial efficiency.
Intelligent Patent Mapping: Analyze global patent databases to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities for new inventions, ensuring strategic intellectual property management.
Experiment Design and Analysis: Assist in designing experiments and analyzing results using advanced statistical methods, ensuring robust findings.
Funding and Grant Application Assistance: Identify relevant funding opportunities and assist in preparing grant applications, increasing chances of securing research funding.
R&D Project Management: Automate the management of R&D projects, tracking progress, resources, and outcomes, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and maximizing research impact.

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Empsing qualifies as the world’s first and only Digital Employee system according to the Augmented Business Process Manifesto published by IBM Research, in conjunction with several leading global institutions. It is backed by an extremely powerful Multi-Step Action Model ensuring that every AI Employee acts to deliver.

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    Empsing is available to organizations of all types and sizes at a fixed monthly price. Each subscription includes a super-powerful digital employee with full access to the platform, security features, 24/7 support and truly unlimited usage.



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    In addition to all the standard features and capabilities, Enterprises can request add-ons such as Custom Roles, Bulk Hiring, Custom Integrations, Dedicated On-Site Support, Data Localization and Additional Features to fit their technology operations.

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